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Skipper is an integrated energy firm with focus on Electrical
Innovation, Design, Manufacturing and Engineering.

Skipper is an integrated energy firm with focus on Electrical Innovation,Design, Manufacturing and Engineering. Skipper has been serving the power sector in India and across the globe since 1986. Skipper commenced its operations with manufacturing of substation equipment and subsequently forward integrated to EPC (Engineering Processing and Construction) for EHV transmission lines and substations for utilities, institutions and industries up to 400 kV.

Skipper also undertakes automation projects and Balance of Plant projects in power generating stations. Recently, Skipper diversified into Power Generation with the project entailing the setup of hydro power plant. Several thermal power plants are in advanced stages of finalization as wel

SkipperSeil Limited is a part of SkipperSeil Group, which is an internationally renowned in Power and Infrastructure sectors. Skipper has created a niche in serving clients in power transmission, distribution and generation across sectors and nationalities. Skipper along with its parent group offers consultancy, EPC services and manufactures & supply products in electrical and power generation sector to over 50 countries around the globe including the regions of Middle East,South-East Asia, Europe, Africa and America.

SkipperSeil Group has its global footprints through its subsidiaries in India, Nigeria, Ghana and Middle East, where Skipper-make products are manufactured and/or projects of sub-stations, transmission lines and power
generation plants are undertaken

To be an International Power and Infrastructure enterprice most admired for its People,Performance and Partnnerships


To deliver high quality energy efficient products
and world class services to satisfy all our
stake holders through diverse work force

Management Team

The immense success and expertise achieved by SkipperSeil Group in delivering world class Power Transmission and Distribution solutions is attributed to the farsighted

vision and guidance fostered by the leadership team at Skipper Electricals. The pool of talented Engineers, Technicians and various functions are guided by the following visionary

visionary professionals and technocrats who are a part of our managment team.

Engineer Joseph Oyeyani Makoju
Independent Director (Skipper Nigeria Ltd.)
E: info@skipperseil.com
Mr. Bram Larbi kwaku
Independent Director (Skipper Ghana Ltd.)
Mr. Jitender Sachdeva
Group President (Skipper T&D)
E: jks@skipperseil.com
Mr. Shuvendu Sekhar Mohanty
President Corporate (Skipper Infra)
E: mohantysm@skipperseil.com
Mr. Rakesh Sardana
President-EPC (Skipper Nigeria Ltd.)
E: rs@skipperseil.com
Dy. Vice President (GTA Engineering)
Mr. Vinay Bansal
General Manager - Finance & Accounts (Skipper T&D)
Mr. Prasanna V K
Dy Regional Manager (Skipper Kenya)
Mr. Jitender Sachdeva
Group President (SkipperSeil Ltd.)
Ms. Poonam Sachdeva
President/CEO-products (SkipperSeil Ltd.)
E: ps@skipperseil.com
Mr. Mahesh Sachdev
Independent Director (SkipperSeil Ltd.)
Mr. Surinder Kumar Negi
President-Corporate EPC (SkipperSeil Ltd.)
Mr. Praveen Gupta
President- EPC Projects (SkipperSeil Ltd.)
E: pg@skipperseil.com
Mr. Virendra Lakhiani
Advisor - EHV Transformers design (SkipperSeil Ltd.)
Mr. Manish Yadav
VP-Technical Operations (SkipperSeil Ltd.)
Mr. K.B. Kadal
Advisor-Power Transformers production (SkipperSeil Ltd.)

News & Events

Skipper Supports International Day of Yoga

Skipper Supports International Day of Yoga

3rd International Day of Yoga was celebrated all over the world with immense enthusiasm. Skipper supported the IDY event held by the Indian High Commission in Nigeria and Ghana by sponsoring Yoga T-shirts and Mats with IDY logo. Yoga event was held to create awareness and benefits of practicing Yoga. Local dignitaries, diplomats, UN officials, members of the Indian community and eminent persons drawn from all walks of life were among the invitees who attended the event.
Apart from this, Skipper also celebrated yoga day across all its offices in India, Dubai, Nigeria, Ghana with employees participating in yoga sessions, assisted by trained Yoga instructors, “This initiative is aimed at encouraging our employees to adopt a healthier and balanced approach in life,” says Poonam Sachdeva, President & CEO, SkipperSeil Ltd....

Skipper celebrates 31st Annual Day

Skipper celebrates 31st Annual Day

Skipper celebrated its 31st Annual day on May 27 at Le Foyer Banquets, Gurgaon. All Skipperites and their families enjoyed socializing, entertainment and relaxed. This year the event theme was 'Mela', and hence was named as 'Skipper Carnival' to suit the theme. The entire event was planned and organized by Skipper team itself. The venue was converted to Indian carnival with lots of games like 'Hoopla', 'Break the Pyramid', 'Balloon shooting', Bowling, Tambola and Mehandi along with Rides like Giant wheel, Columbus and Bouncy were there for everyone.
The Guests, Skipperites and many of Skipper alumni along with their families, indulged in several games and sporting events, before the onset of the main program, which began with funny performance by Skipperites followed by a dance performance by their children. Group President - Mr. Jitender Sachdeva in his welcome address mentioned the major milestones achieved in last 31 years and expressed thanks to all the employees & stakeholders for being part of Skipper's successful story....

Skipper successfully commissioned its First 220kv GIS Substation of JICA HVPNL Project

Skipper successfully commissioned its First 220kv GIS Substation of JICA HVPNL Project

SkipperSeil Limited was awarded greenfield EPC project of 220/66kV, 2x160MVA GIS substation by HVPNL in Sector 33, Gurugram, Haryana. Substation has been successfully commissioned right on 27th May 2017. Coinciding with Skipper's annual day celebrations. It has 5 bays of 220kV and 9 bays of 66kV along with 2X160MVA, 220/66kV Power Transformers. The newly built 220kv Grid substation will increase the transmission capacity in Gurgaon city and will ensure uninterrupted power supply to the consumers. Gas Insulated Substation (GIS) compared to the Air Insulated one's gives the advantage of housing the entire substation equipment indoor, which eases the task of regular inspection, repair and maintenance.
Another big advantage is space saving & its easy compatibility with the Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) for monitoring, control and data communication. We heartily congratulate Mr. Praveen Gupta (President EPC- India) the project leader Mr. Ankit Kaushik and entire project team from Skipper for their dedication and hard work round the clock to ensure successful & timely commissioning. Our Special and sincere thanks to Officials of HVPNL for their guidance and mentoring, especially Mr. Ajmer Gill (Director), Mr. S.K. Bansal (CE-MM), Mr. H.C. Gupta(CF-TS), Mr. R.N. Mishra (Ex-Engr-M&P), Mr. N.K. Sharma (SE-M&P), Mr. Anil Yadav (SE-TS), Mr. R.P. Sharma (Ex-Engr-TS) and other officials, Erection/Testing contractor and Sieyuan team for their sincere efforts to make it happen on time....

Skipper’s Day Out at Botanix Resorts, Sohna

Skipper’s Day Out at Botanix Resorts, Sohna

Picnics are the best way to bond with family and friends. This time our picnic was planned at Botanix Gardens, Sohna. The resort was really a nature lover's paradise in the backdrop of lush green fields and whispering winds with lots of activities like Pottery, Cricket, Football, Camel/Bullock Ride and adventure activities like Burma Bridge, Zorbing, Tug of war, Spider net and finally a dip in the pool. Many colleagues came with their family and friends and spent quality time in the lap of the nature.
“There are a lot of ways we can make our employee’s lives better,” said Ms. Poonam Sachdeva, Jt. Group President, SkipperSeil Group. “But a picnic not only provides an opportunity to have fun, it also offers a chance to socialize and meet the family members of colleagues.” The day was packed with lots of games, activities and food. The entire day was truly eventful and when we returned in the evening, the happy faces said it all!...

Global Presence


Skipper Electrical (Middle East) FZE (SEME) is an international manufacturer of wide range of indoor and outdoor Low Voltage, Medium voltage and High voltage distribution Switchgear and Power Equipment. SEME serves not only electrical utilities worldwide but also provides a vast array of solutions to industrial, commercial and residential sectors where the need forsafe and […]


Skipper Nigeria Ltd. has successfully executed EPC projects in the field of Transmission lines and Substation up to 132 KV for Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN), Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), National Integrated Power Projects (NIPP) and Private Industrialsector. With more than 15 years of on-ground presence in Nigeria, Skipper Nigeria Ltd is well […]


Skipper Ghana is head-quartered in Accra, a Gateway for West Africa. Skipper Ghana’s purview extends beyond Ghana and also includes Republic of Togo, Republic of Benin, Burkina Faso and Republic of Niger. The sales/ project offices are located in Accra (Ghana), Lome (Togo), Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) and Niamey (Niger) and country specific activities are channelized […]


SkipperSeil Limited (Formerly Skipper Electricals (India) Limited) is an ISO 9001:2015, BVQI, CE certified company, manufacturing and delivering best quality products in the Power sector. Skipper has also successfully executed EPC projects in the field of Rural Electrification,Transmission lines and Substations up to 400 kV for reputed power utilities & industries. Innovative designers, dedicated professional […]





In the hour of India’s triumph in the Benson & Hedges Cup, SKIPPER was born.



Started manufacturing Low Voltage Motor Control and Power Control Centers.



Added the manufacturing of CT/PTs in the product Portfolio.



Type tested Outdoor dry resin casted Current and Voltage transformers in 33 KV class.



Received ISO 9001 certification.



Started the first manufacturing plant in Bhiwadi to manufacture Power Transformers and then the second plant was established shortly.

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  • 1986

    In the hour of India’s triumph in the Benson & Hedges Cup, SKIPPER was born.
  • 1987

    Started manufacturing Low Voltage Motor Control and Power Control Centers.
  • 1989

    Added the manufacturing of CT/PTs in the product Portfolio.
  • 1993

    Type tested Outdoor dry resin casted Current and Voltage transformers in 33 KV class.
  • 1995

    Received ISO 9001 certification.
  • 1996

    Started the first manufacturing plant in Bhiwadi to manufacture Power Transformers and then the second plant was established shortly.
  • 2000

    Received the Regional Trophy for being the Highest Exporter.
  • 2005

    Received the Star Export House Award.
  • 2006

    Started third manufacturing plant in Bhiwadi (India).
  • 2007

    Started manufacturing 11 KV and 33 KV vacuum circuit breakers.
  • 2008

    Began manufacturing 33kV mobile capacitor banks along with switching modules, metering and protection panels.
  • 2009

    • Started fourth manufacturing Plant in Bhiwadi (India).
    • First 132 KV substation project and mobile substation with 33 KV/ 11 KV, 14 MVA transformers.
  • 2010

    • Started manufacturing 132 KV / 33 KV Substation’s Automation SCADA panels.
    • Began manufacturing Amorphous core Transformers.
  • 2011

    Diversified into adjacent sector through a group company Skipper Infra JLT.
  • 2012

    • Diversified into Railway sector.
    • Established Corporate Headquarters in Dubai.
    • Power Transformer repair shop upgraded & started for 150MVA in Nigeria.
  • 2013

    • Signed Contract for setting up of 35 MW Hydro Power Plant in Kano state of Nigeria
    • Laid the foundation stone for setting up of EHV and GIS factory in Bhiwadi, India
    • Signed MOU for development of 300 MW coal based power plant in Republic of Benin
    • Established Regional Headquarters in India
    • Entrepreneur of the year award by Skipper ME
  • 2014

    • Civil construction commenced for EHV, GIS/HGIS Factory in Bhiwadi, India
    • Received the “Skotch Award” for India’s Best SME
  • 2015

    • Lagos State Govt. Felicitated Skipper for Supporting Education Initiative
    • Received license from NERC to set up a 500MW coal power plant in Nigeria
    • Received the Quality Excellence National Award by EEPC India
    • Singed contract for 33kV/11kV Substations and Transmission lines in Kenya Western region
    • Successfully type tested 33MVA, 161kV Power Transformer for Short Circuit & Impulse
  • 2016

    • Inaugurated EHV Manufacturing plant in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan, India
    • Bagged order of 44km Light Rail Transit System in Nigeria
    • Received order of 30MW Power Plant with Diesel Generators in Cross River, Nigeria
    • Received the EEPC Award in " High Technology Product"
    • Skipper Eye-Q set up superspeciality eye hospitals in Nigeria


Awards & Certifications UAE

  • SAIF Zone Award, 2013
  • Sharjah Municipality Approval Certificate
  • SEWA License
  • ISO Certificate 9001:2015
  • AADC Approval

Type Test Certificates UAE

  • ASTA – 4
  • ASTA – 3
  • ASTA – 2
  • ASTA – 1

Awards & Certification India

  • EEPC National Award for High- Tech Products
  • EEPC Award, Star performer in 2012-13
  • Udyog Pratibha Award, 2014
  • Skoch Award, 2014
  • EEPC Award, 2011-12
  • BMA Award 2010
  • One Star Export Certificate
  • CE Certificate
  • EEPC- Membership Certificate
  • Regional Trophy for Highest Exporters

Type Test Certificates India

  • 63kVA Three Phase Distribution Transformer, 2010
  • Mini Package Substation, 2011
  • 220kV Outdoor CT, 2012
  • 20MVA Power Transformer, 2009
  • 60 MVA 132/34.5kV Power Transformer, 2013
  • 5MVA Power Transformer, 2011


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