Skipper Power Transformers are well known for their quality, reliability and dependability, even under tough environmental conditions. Skipper transformers are operating in satisfactory condition globally for over the last two decades.

Skipper’s manufacturing facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and test equipment to manufacture transformers of varied designs to suit customer requirements. Skipper’s manufacturing range includes step-up and step-down power transformers upto 500MVA with rated system voltage upto 765kV..

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Our products are customizable for a wide range of applications and requirements including loss limitations, noise levels, dimensions and weights. Skipper transformers find application in Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution, Rural Electrification, Industrial Installations, Railway Electrification and Mining segments.


Design and Engineering are the focal points for Skipper’s customized transformer product offerings and our competent and experienced engineers go to the extra mile in adopting best designs and engineering practices by embracing latest technologies.


Skipper believes in incremental improvement in every product by virtue of strong focus on Research & Development. The designs are continuously optimized and validated through various tests. Latest software applications, machinery and highly skilled, trained Engineers and Technicians help in delivering reliable, efficient and long lasting products for our customers with diverse needs. Skipper employs a number of qualified engineers specialized in Design and R&D functions to adopt and implement latest design softwares for efficient design of transformers as shown in figure.


Manufacturing Process:

Skipper manufacturing plants are equipped with contemporary machinery for quick and efficient production. The high quality production line is complimented with the diligent services of trained workforce to deliver products, which meets diverse requirements of the customers and stand the test of time. The Quality Management System is followed very religiously to ensure high quality in optimal time.

Winding Section:

Skipper transformer coils are usually circular and concentrically placed on core limbs, but coils in rectangular shape are also employed for distribution transformers.

The conductor design uses thermally upgraded paper as conductor insulation for select applications with a view to impart higher temperature withstand capability and higher overload capacity. Skipper uses finest quality Kraft paper covered conductor as well as special CTC (Continuously Transposed Conductor) in transformer windings. The electrical grade Kraft paper used for covering winding conductors and leads is procured with low conductivity of aqueous extract.

Copper with high controlled proof mechanical strength is utilized for higher rating transformers to impart high short circuit withstand strength. The use of high mechanical strength copper ensures adequate strength even after repeated short circuit faults, ensuring long service life of transformers. The major insulation is pre-compressed press- board, which has higher mechanical strength and stability to withstand Short Circuit Forces. Skipper uses different types of windings to achieve

arrowHigh mechanical strength
arrowHigh thermal strength
arrowLow eddy losses
arrowHigh dielectric strength

Vertical Winding Machines Capacity upto 25 Tons Fully Air Conditioned Winding Areas

Since the life and efficiency of a transformer largely depends upon its windings, Skipper lays special focus on its winding operations. The winding for the transformers is carried out in a dust-free environment, both in Horizontal and Vertical Machine in the winding assembly area, rigorous quality and cleanliness standards are followed. Skipper’s stringent quality process ensures high-quality components and tight manufacturing tolerances, which entails excellent control on all performance and operational parameters.

Core Assembly Line

Skipper transformers are “core-type” characterized with Mitre Type Joints in thin, highly permeable magnetic core laminations. This consequently results in a high performance core with low losses, low no-load current and minimal noise levels. The laminations are assembled in step-lap construction, thereby improving the above performance parameters. Skipper’s core clamping method gives sturdy support and short-circuit strength to the windings by creating even pressure across the silicon steel sheets and keeping them firmly pressed against each other. This robust design helps to keep the core free from damage and distortion during transportation.

core image
40/50/60MVA, 132/34.5kV Transformer Core Building
vaccum img

Vacuum Phase Drying (VPD)

All coils are compressed by hydraulic press as per the calculated force required to achieve the final compressed dimension of winding. All lead supports, winding connection and OLTC connection are completed before drying the complete Core Coil Assembly in the Vapour-Phase drying plant.

Core–Coil Assembly Line

Core and coil assembly is carried out in a controlled environment, which utilizes a dedicated ventilation system to keep away moisture and foreign objects. All LV, HV & Tapping coils are lowered carefully into the limb of the core to carry out each phase assembly individually.

The required gap in each winding is maintained by solid pre-compressed board sticks.  At top and bottom spacers, Angle rings & perma wood board ring are provided to achieve the strength against the short circuit and Creepage distance to with stand high voltage.

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Skipper is always committed to serve its customers by meeting the stated as well as implied product standards and providing solutions exceeding customer satisfaction levels. In our bid to provide high quality and reliable products, our product designs are continuously optimized and validated through various routine, special and type tests.

All transformers are subjected to routine tests and measurements in accordance with IEC/IS standards. Our test laboratories are fully equipped with latest testing equipment to conduct the routine tests as per IEC 60076/ IS 2026 standards.

In our EHV Laboratory, the required power source to perform tests like No Load Losses, Load Losses, Temperature Rise Test, Applied Voltage Test (at 50 Hz) and Induced over voltage test with PD measurement (at 200Hz) is through 6 MVA 690V Static Frequency Convertor (SFC), which converts incoming supply source at 690V to 690V ±10% output at any frequency between 40-200Hz and fed to source test transformer.

The SFC is based on low voltage IGBT Technology on DC and AC side with a built-in solution and special filter technology.

testing img
360KJ (Expandable) Impulse Generator with 3 Channel Partial Discharge Testing Facility

All Power Electronic is housed in IP21 cabinets in a closed room (comparatively much smaller than Motor- Generator Hall) The modules allow single phase testing without changing its connections and allow independent setting of voltage and frequency in both single and three phase modes. SFC is controlled remotely via industrial PC using Profibus link. All parameter and alarm signals are displayed on the remote monitor of industrial PC

  • TLM (Transformer Losses Measurement system) based on proven current compensator technology is also integrated with SFC
  • Capacitor Bank on H.T side of Intermediate testing transformer connectable in single phase, 2 phase,3 phase combinations are provided.

In addition, type tests and special tests are conducted at NABL accredited laboratories such as CPRI and ERDA to validate our designs as per customer requirement.

testing img


testing img


testing img



Skipper ensures the best delivery times in the industry, leveraging the strength of its centralized logistics department and its specialization and experience in land, sea and air freight activities.

165MVA Power Transformer

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Quality control is carried out at each stage and is embedded in all activities and operations at Skipper. The procedures and processes are clearly defined with acceptable parameters. Skipper’s trained and quality conscious workforce performs a series of quality checks before handing over the product to the next stage. The Quality Assurance Department maintains and updates all quality control documents and carries out its own additional inspection at hold points during the production process.

Skipper’s unwavering commitment to continual improvement of the QA processes ensures austere compliance with the quality plans. Skipper is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified organization and Skipper products carry CE marking.

Plant is accredited with ISO - 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001: 2018 for Environment, Health and Safety.

Customer Complaint and Services

Skipper offers complete after sales service and support to our customers. We provide the best technical support, providing unmatched response time and reliable maintenance.

Our Service Department consists of competent, experienced and well-trained Technician and Engineers who can tackle any issue adequately on the field. In addition to need-based customer service, Skipper offers services such as installation, commissioning and start-up, general transformer maintenance and technical support for a wide range of substation equipment.

The tracing and closing of customer complaint is maintained and updated in the in-house web-portal.

Technical Specification

Type : Generator Transformers, Sub-Station Transformers, Unit Auxiliary Transformers, System Transformers, Interconnecting Transformers and Multi winding Transformers for specific needs

Range : Up to 500MVA Three Phase & Single Phase

Voltage Up to 765kV Class



Rating :1x48/64MVA,35/11.5kV Power
Client : Dangote Cement
Location :Nigeria
Year of Supply :2021
Rating :13x50MVA,132/33kV
Client : SPML a/c PGCIL
Location : Tripura, India
Year of Supply :2022
Rating :6x25MVA,132/66kV
Client : Sterling & Wilson a/c PGCIL
Location :Sikkim, India
Year of Supply :2022
Rating :4x12x20 MVA,132/33kV
Client : Sterling & Wilson a/c PGCIL
Location :Manipur, India
Year of Supply :2019-20
Rating :40/50MVA, 132/33kV
Client : ReGen Powertech
Location :Rajasthan, India
Year of Supply :2018
Rating :2x66MVA, 132/33kV
Client : Lafarge Cement
Location :Ogun State, Nigeria
Year of Supply :2017
Rating :2x20/25MVA, 110/11.5kV
Client : Dangote Cement,
Location :Congo
Year of Supply :2016
Rating :2x66MVA, 132/33kV
Client : Kudendan power Plant
Location :Kaduna State, Nigeria
Year of Supply :2016
Rating :27x12.5MVA, 33/11kV,
Location :Haryana, India
Year of Supply :(2013-14)
Rating :20/25MVA, 132/11kV,
Client : TI Steel,
Location :Himachal Pradesh, India
Year of Supply :2005