Special Application Transformers

Induction & Arc Furnace Transformers

Being in service for last two decades, Skipper Arc and Induction Furnace Transformers are extensively used in industry applications round the clock in steel plants available from 1 MVA to 50 MVA. Transformers with extended delta design are also manufactured to reduce system harmonics due to the usage of power (current) as a major resource for electric Power. They are specifically designed to supply the necessary power even at a low voltage.

power transformer
Special Feature
  • Direct or Indirect regulation
  • On-load or off-circuit tap changer
  • Built-in reactor for long arc stability
  • Air or water-cooled secondary bushing arrangements
  • Internal secondary phase closure (Internal Delta)
  • Ratings up to 250 MVA
  • Secondary voltage up to 1,500 V (LF down to 80 V)
  • Electrode current for steel up to 120 kA
  • Electrode current for ferroalloy up to 180 kA
  • Skipper Transformers are designed for continuous and interrupted load.

Technical Specification

Type : Arc/Submerged Arc/Ladle/Induction D.C. Furnace Transformers

Range : Upto 50MVA

Voltage : Upto 52V Class


Rectifier Transformers

Rectifier transformers find application in mines for metal extraction. Skipper has the distinction of supplying rectifier transformers for mines in Africa and Australia which have stood the test of time for the last 20 years. Transformers are available in various capacities starting from 1MVA to 20MVA up to 52kV, 6/12/24 Pulse with and without IPT (Double Bridge Construction). Transformers with extended delta design are also manufactured to meet special requirements.

Technical Specification

Type : 6 Pulse with and without IPT and 12 Pulse with and without IPT (Double bridge construction, 24 pulse

Range : Upto 160kA DC

Voltage : Upto 52kV Class


Rating : 2x(4005/2823-2823), 33kV, 2x565 V 12 Pulse Rectifier Transformer with air cooled heat exchangers

Client : Saftronics

Location : South Africa

Year of Supply : 2010