Railway Traction Transformers

Skipper oil filled Traction Transformer are used at Traction Substations.

The primary winding of traction transformer is connected to any two nominated phases of the incoming three phase 220/132 KV Transmission Lines. On the secondary side, one of the two terminals of the 25kV winding is connected to the traction overhead equipment, while the other is solidly earthed and also connected to the running traction rails. The power is tapped through the secondary winding of the Traction Transformer and is fed to the overhead equipment (OHE).

It is very specialized transformer, which is designed to withstand frequent interruption of rail operation during its running.

power transformer

Few Successful Installation

Rating : 21.6/30.24 MVA, 132/27 KV Single phase Traction Transformer

Client : Central Organisation for Railway Electrification (CORE)

Location : Banka Traction Substation, Bihar, India

Year of Supply : 2021

Inverter Duty Transformers (IDT)

IDT are multi-winding transformers used in Solar Power Plant to receive power from multiple inverters at 690V in Secondary winding and upgrade to required voltage level of A.C. Power transmission in Primary winding-33kV/132kV.

The design of IDT has to suppress Harmonic generated from Solar Inverters.

Technical Specification

Type : Inverter Duty Multi winding (8LVs/4LVs)

Range : Upto 15MVA

Voltage : Upto 33V Class

Cooling : ONAN/ONAF